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How long does it take Premier League players (and fans) to buy a house?

  • 11/08/2017
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How long does it take Premier League players (and fans) to buy a house?
The Premier League kicks off a new season tonight with millionaire players entertaining the more modestly paid fans packed into stadiums and on TVs.

Much is made of the difference in earnings between superstar players and the general public, particularly as football revenues increase thanks to massive TV deals.

But how do those differences play out on the mortgage market? How long does it take a top player at each club to buy the typical house in that city, and how does the average fan compare?

Matchedbets took average house prices and wages from each city and compared it with average player pay taken from each club.

Unsurprisingly it takes Manchester United and Manchester City stars Paul Pogba and Sergio Aguero less than one complete match to buy the average property in Manchester.

At the other end of the player scale, it takes Jordan Ibe almost 14 games of playing time to buy a typical place in Bournemouth.


Burnley top the table

Where fans are concerned, those in Burnley have it best.

Residents of the Lancashire town do earn the lowest average weekly wage, but also have the lowest house prices to contend with meaning they can pay off the typical mortgage quickest.

However, this will still take 1,896,392 minutes – or more than 21,000 full games of playing time.

In contrast, Arsenal fans in North London typically earn the most of all Premier League fans at £663 per week.

And it is Chelsea fans who take the longest (7,602,098 minutes, 84,468 games) to pay off a typical mortgage as despite sharing the most valuable property tag with Arsenal fans, on average they earn more than £80 a week less than their north London rivals.


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