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How brokers can package cases to be seen as fast as possible in the current climate

  • 02/10/2020
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How brokers can package cases to be seen as fast as possible in the current climate
Brokers should avoid sending documents in with an application if a lender has not asked for them, according to Skipton Intermediaries.


In a Mortgage Solutions video discussion in association with Skipton Intermediaries the panel looked at how to get cases through and approved as fast as possible in the current environment.

Karen Appleton, head of new lending at Skipton Intermediaries, said: “We want to lend.

“There’s a real need for brokers and lenders, through the business development partners and the networks and the criteria sourcing systems, to understand the case and the requirements of that lender.”

She added: “Know what that lender requires, both in terms of assessing income and property.

“Understand the property that you are asking that lender to lend on – and if they have specific requirements in that space.

“Make sure what you are providing to support that case is going to get them to a quick yes.”



Pre-research in the current environment has become more difficult because of the fast-changing environment, according to Skipton Intermediaries London and South East business development manager Rachael Hunniset (pictured).

But she said brokers can help ease through cases by understanding what lenders need from the outset.

She said: “If we don’t ask for it, try not to send it to us.

“If we asked for one month’s bank statements, send us one month’s bank statements; don’t send us three months because everyone asks for it.

“Because then we have to underwrite it and ask any questions that come from it.”

The panel agreed that strong partnerships between lenders and brokers, with open and honest communication, is the key to making the mortgage application process as smooth as possible.


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