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Pepper Money: ‘What do specialist distributors offer? Expertise’

  • 15/12/2020
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Pepper Money: ‘What do specialist distributors offer? Expertise’
Pepper Money sales director Paul Adam lays out the reason a specialist distributor might be the magic bullet needed to get an adverse credit case through quickly and with the best result for the end-customer.

In the fourth and final video in the series discussing Pepper Money’s adverse credit White Paper, Adams said the rarity of adverse credit cases make it harder for brokers to develop and retain their knowledge in this area.

“These cases do not cross brokers’ desks every day, so it’s harder for everybody to become an expert in all the things that they need to know when it comes to spotting customers with adverse credit,” he added.

“There are brokers who make a living – and a brilliant living at that – from being the expert. We have two on the panel today with Impact SF and Brightstar – they see these customers every day and they keep in touch with the lenders and the nuances that are changing and better than that, its the importance of the industry relationships,” he added.

Specialist distributors also have direct access into underwriting teams with the knowledge and information required to get a case through – and these cases often go through more quickly because they are better packaged, said Adams.

“These distributors have a huge role to play in the market, particularly with adverse credit, and I think that’s because they have the expertise that we all need.”

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