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Base Rate to stay at 0.5% and no more QE today

The Bank of England (BoE) is expected to resist unleashing extra emergency support for the...

  • Apr 05, 2012
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UK back in recession – OECD

The UK is back in recession, according to the latest growth projections from the OECD, whi...

  • Mar 29, 2012
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King: Euro area shocks ‘could be worse than you imagine’

Bank of England governor Mervyn King has accepted UK economic growth will be flat over the...

  • Nov 29, 2011
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Autumn statement: Osborne to announce £21.5bn in savings

Chancellor George Osborne is expected to claim today he has saved the taxpayer £21.5bn in...

  • Nov 29, 2011
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OECD warns UK on brink of double dip

The OECD has warned the UK is teetering on the edge of a double-dip recession, and has cal...

  • Nov 28, 2011
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OECD says UK business activity drops to 2009 levels – papers

Figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) suggest act...

  • Sep 13, 2011
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Round up: UK growth lags behind leading economies

Britain has underperformed all the world's leading economies over the past year except ts...

  • Aug 23, 2011
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UK growth ‘drops’ for sixth straight month

Growth in the UK has deteriorated for the sixth consecutive month while the global recover...

  • Aug 09, 2011
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Property tax “could help revive economy”

The government should introduce a property tax to boost the country’s economic prospects...

  • Jul 22, 2011
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OECD: UK 0.5% growth rate lags behind Europe

The UK GDP of 0.5% means it continues to lag behind Germany and France, but it remains ahe...

  • Jun 01, 2011
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