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MP’s tax avoidance bill gets cross-party support

Labour MP Michael Meacher has received cross-party support for a Private Member’s Bill w...

  • Jun 21, 2012
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Stamp Duty tax avoidance consultation launches

The government has launched draft legislation and a formal consultation on a new general a...

  • Jun 12, 2012
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HMRC faces calls to investigate Ken Livingstone

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is facing calls to investigate London mayoral c...

  • Mar 19, 2012
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Budget 2012 heads-up: what the papers say

With the Chancellor seemingly just as likely to speak to the press as to policymakers in t...

  • Mar 19, 2012
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Mr Osborne – a word of advice…

It's one of the peculiarities of Cannes that you bump into more people from London than yo...

  • Mar 13, 2012
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HMRC unleashes tax evasion taskforces to track down £50m

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) plans to create 30 taskforces to tackle tax eva...

  • Feb 23, 2012
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Treasury to clamp down on wealthy Stamp Duty dodgers

HM Treasury is expected to close a loophole that allows wealthy individuals to avoid payin...

  • Dec 06, 2011
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Autumn Statement: Osborne to help SMEs and ‘squeezed middle’

George Osborne is expected to crackdown on tax avoidance by the wealthy and aim help at co...

  • Nov 28, 2011
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Tax-dodging landlords face “hard and fast” HMRC crack down

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has formed a taskforce to clamp down "hard and fast" on tax ev...

  • Nov 08, 2011
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HMRC chasing £35m in Stamp Duty avoidance

HMRC is preparing to go to court to challenge Stamp Duty tax avoidance schemes that have c...

  • Oct 28, 2011
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