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‘Lenders must get with the times and open their minds’ – Star Letter 28/04/2017

  • 28/04/2017
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‘Lenders must get with the times and open their minds’ – Star Letter 28/04/2017
Each week Mortgage Solutions and its sister title Specialist Lending Solutions looks back at the week's most thoughtful, thought provoking and controversial comments to single out the Star Letter.

This week our Star Letter goes to Robert Gill for his comment under the article: Mortgage advice will be critical to help modular homes solve the housing crisis

He said: “UK lenders are unfortunately obsessed with bricks and mortar. I was in talks with an architect last year who had an award winning modular home design using modern methods of construction (MMC) structurally insulated panels (SIP) clad in wood.

“Amazing houses that were appealing and very affordable. When I rang round all the lenders to find out who could lend on them, the only lender that said they could was the Ecology Building Society.

“The main reason for all the other lender’s declines were that the property didn’t have a brick skin – even though this design did not need one for its structural integrity in any way.

“Therefore, there’s not much chance of a broker-led modular housing revolution unless the lenders get with the times and open their minds to new ways of building.”

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