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10 email tips to save you time and hassle – Jeff Knight

by: Jeff Knight is head of marketing at Pepper Homeloans
  • 31/05/2016
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10 email tips to save you time and hassle – Jeff Knight
Have you ever considered the fact sooner rather than later may not be the best tactic on email, says Jeff Knight, head of marketing at Pepper Homeloans.

Here are a few handy tips for a more relaxed working life:

1. Is an email the best form of communication?
Too often an email is sent without much thought. Email has its uses, but it is over used and misused. Good communication is not about sending a message, it’s about ensuring the message is received and understood. Is an email appropriate or should you simply pick up the phone or have a conversation instead?

2. Send less emails
A significant proportion of your inbox will be replies to your own emails, so if you send less, you’ll receive less.

3. Turn off email alerts
When you’re working don’t let your email system become an unnecessary distraction.

4. Allocate certain times to deal with email
Review your emails just a couple of times a day. Work out a pattern that suits you, allocating slots in your diary to deal with emails, so you can fully focus on other work in hand.

5. Use email rules to filter messages
Do you really need to read every email you receive? Set up a folder for emails where you’re copied-in, rather than the primary recipient. If you need to refer to these messages later on, you’ll know where to find them – but you don’t need to read every email as soon as it arrives.

6. Try not to reply by email
You don’t always have to reply to every email. Sometimes a quick conversation will suffice.

7. Keep your emails short
And keep them clear. Otherwise you will prolong the email trail because people have not understood it. Avoid sending email threads which may not be as clear to others as they are to you.

8. Deal with it
It is easy to quickly read an email and then think you’ll deal with it later. Deal with it there and then, while the contents are fresh in your mind.

9. Use attachments wisely.
Give a concise summary of any attachments you send with your emails and what people should do with them.

10. Be careful when sending emails from your handheld device
Emails sent in haste may create problems and waste time because the message is not clear. Think before you send.

Your e-mail system is a business tool that should make life easier, not more of a hassle. If you’re spending too much time dealing with email, then the above tips may be of help.

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