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Coronavirus will prove tipping point in valuations – Countrywide

by: Matthew Cumber, managing director of Countrywide Surveying Services
  • 20/04/2020
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Using the term partnership to describe relationships in our industry is often a well-meaning description of what we would like to exist, but in reality they are very often transactional interactions.


As a result of Covid-19 we have found ourselves operating in a very different market with necessary interventions introduced that impact the status quo.

This situation has demonstrated the importance and true value of building partnerships and how those strong relationships between surveying firms and lenders has ensured the continuation of providing valuations at scale.

At Countrywide Surveying Services our partnership approach with our lender clients has resulted in the delivery of desktop solutions to meet each individual client’s risk and capacity requirements that can adapt to changing needs.

Technology is the enabler here; however it is the skills and knowledge of both our surveyors and property risk function that are vital.

Having trusted professionals who can make use of data to form decisions and provide desktop-based valuations in parallel to being able to operate at scale nationally has been the key to ensuring that we continue to provide a service during these challenging times.

We are currently providing these services to more than 14 clients and while not every case can be done as a desktop we are able to conduct new build, buy-to-let and equity release valuations, as well as purchase and remortgage.


Tipping point

What happens though when we begin to return to normal, will everything in the surveying industry return to normal as well?

When we come out of this, we will look back at this period in the months and even years to come as a tipping point in our industry.

The development of viable trusted desktop solutions undertaken by professionals at scale and speed will be a reliable alternative choice to just automated valuation models (AVMs) or physical valuations.

And as a result desktop valuations will be used to a much greater extent than they were before we went into lockdown.



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