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Lockdown has proved the show can go on – Rickards

by: Phil Rickards, head of BM Solutions
  • 20/07/2020
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Lockdown has proved the show can go on – Rickards
For the first time in my lifetime at least, lockdown has created a situation where the whole world is going through the same thing at the same time.


Like most people, I’ve found myself worrying about the economy, global health and what a post-Covid-19 world could look like.

But this period has also given me some more time and space to look at my routine, and make some pretty dramatic changes.

Early starts to catch a train, long commutes, delays, two to three days away from home, a bad night’s sleep in a hotel – all were the norm and something I did day after day, week after week.

That was essentially my routine for years.

Then the country went into lockdown.


Perspective on life

That routine has become different now. I still wake up early, but now it’s to exercise instead of to catch a train.

Cold showers for an extra adrenalin hit are something I’ve built into my schedule after I heard something on the radio about the benefits.

The day is still jam-packed, but meetings are now virtual and I have more headspace to think about things properly as I’m not constantly travelling around from one place to another.

Things that sound small and basic like cooking meals from scratch, spending time with my wife and online deliveries, especially when it’s wine, make the day so much better.

I now value time more than ever and by not travelling, as sad as it makes me to say it, I can see what I’ve been missing out over the years.

I know lockdown life cannot and will not stay forever – and like many of us I’m keen to get back to some sort of ‘normality’ like seeing my colleagues, going abroad and having a meal out, because those things make life important too.

But, I have definitely got more perspective now – and before I book that 5:24am train to London, I’ll think twice about whether I really need to travel or if I can use technology instead.


The show can go on

I’m fortunate that my management team have been together for over ten years now and we know each other inside out.

They have adjusted to working remotely and connecting virtually equally as well – they are relaxed and also benefiting in some of the same ways.

Right from the very start of lockdown we were able to adjust to virtual meetings quickly and daily in the early stages as we established business critical procedures.

The same can be said for my role at the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA) and along with industry colleagues, we have been able to virtually meet with regulatory bodies almost as normal, again a commitment that would have involved a lot of travel.

It was also great to be part of a debate at the recent Buy to Let Online Forum, proof that the show really can go on.


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