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We’re in the middle of an industry transformation, embrace the changes – Duncombe

by: Jeremy Duncombe, director of intermediary distribution at Accord Mortgages
  • 09/10/2020
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We’re in the middle of an industry transformation, embrace the changes – Duncombe
The latest government announcement, preparing us for another six months of restrictions, has for most of us brought a realisation that the seemingly temporary fixes of working from home and reduced physical meetings is now our long-term reality. And that’s a difficult thing to comprehend.


I think we all share a sense of disappointment that things aren’t better, but with no sudden changes on the horizon, we have to work with what we’ve got and stay positive.

The start of autumn should be viewed as a chance to reflect, reassess and refresh.

We’re in the middle of an industry transformation. We have better technology, slicker processes and virtual meetings are more efficient and greener.

We should embrace the advances made and move forward, rather than see current practices as something we’re just trying until the world goes back to how it was

Recent Bank of England reports on the record number of mortgage approvals only proves what brokers across the UK have been saying for months – it’s busy.

And with so much uncertainty, so many changes to factor in and so many challenges to overcome, seeking advice is crucial, for both existing and new clients.

There’s no doubt the conversations you have with customers are going to be different now, but the information you’re seeking to find is the same.

You want to get a real understanding of their current situation, their ambitions and what they are prepared to do to achieve them.

They have chosen to come to you for support and guidance and whilst none of us have a crystal ball, we can highlight the most likely scenarios and explore as many options as possible.


Review your own life

And, although working in such unfamiliar conditions can breed unfamiliarity, it’s important to stay engaged, accept that life is different and we are all having to adapt.

Make sure you take time to review your own life and reflect on how you’re managing your working day, how you’re balancing the personal and the professional and how your goals have changed over the last six months.

Being proactive about your wellbeing, staying focused on the things you can control and having confidence in what you can achieve will ensure future success, whatever the world throws at us.


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