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Does perfect technology exist? – Uinsure

by: Lauren Bagley, chief partnership and marketing officer at Uinsure
  • 11/02/2022
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Does perfect technology exist? – Uinsure
Have you ever searched for the perfect market technology of today - a digital tool or service that would instantly solve a problem or create value in your business?


You won’t be alone in your search for this, but does it exist? 

Instead, what we’re experiencing is technology that is always progressing. Living in a progressive state means that nothing is ever finished.

To put it differently, everything is in a state of “becoming”.  

For example, Uinsure’s technology is in a continuous cycle of progression and always in flux – one new development could create five more ideas and innovations. More broadly it means you, me, and everyone else will always be “newbies” in this evolving technological world, no matter our experience. 

The mortgage market is undergoing enormous change brought about by lots of new technologies, increased regulatory attention and incumbents that are slow or have failed to evolve. What this demonstrates is that a perfect solution of today, which stands still, is not going to be perfect for long. 

So when you’re deciding on a new CRM platform, sourcing system or other market technology, my only advice is to not only choose it based on the problems it solves or the value it creates today but also, and perhaps more importantly, choosing the partner that can demonstrate the most agility, flexibility, and continued evolution. 

Since technology never stops improving, you’ll always feel like a newcomer.  

It’s also likely you won’t get to spend enough time with any technology to truly master it in its current form, so just get involved, try it out and embrace change as it arrives, because perfect technology will never exist – it will just get better and better. 


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