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Enjoy your working life and embrace your inner Diego – Flavin

by: Paul Flavin, business growth specialist at Grow Partnership
  • 20/05/2024
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Enjoy your working life and embrace your inner Diego – Flavin
I’m lucky enough to take more than my fair share of holidays, which means I sample a wide range in service delivery by the various airlines.

I recently travelled back from Milan on a Ryanair flight, which initially followed the standard flow of events, a bulk of which being me moaning about how large the carry-on luggage currently being forced into the space above my head has become, followed by installing the headphones, sparking up a downloaded film and ignoring everyone and everything around me. 

Just after the door shuts, my wife starts nudging me. “Listen to this guy, he’s great,” she says, pointing towards Diego, our lead cabin steward. 

“You guys are incredible, boarding and getting seated so quickly. I wanted to say thank you in a special way, so I’ve had a word with the captain, who agrees with me. As a thank you, he’s agreed to get us to Stanstead at least 15 minutes ahead of schedule”. 

This engagement continued throughout the journey, from offering me a special non-slip mat for my coffee, which was actually a napkin he placed under the cup, to asking everyone who passed him if they were enjoying the flight and whether he could do anything to make it better. 

His infectious enthusiasm reflected on the rest of the cabin crew who seemed to be feeding off his energy. 


Spreading good vibes through customer service 

The reason I know Diego’s name is that my wife asked him for it, telling him he was an asset to Ryanair and that she was going to write to Ryanair Customer Care to relay her feelings. 

Being obsessed with customer service, Diego’s attitude fascinated me.

Many employees turn up for work with the attitude that the coming hours are a challenge to be endured under duress, rather than an opportunity to enjoy that time and pass some of that enjoyment on to others.

Every now and then, you come across a Diego, and your day is left better for it. 

Most of us have to work to fund the lifestyle we desire – it’s not an option. The option we do have is the attitude we take to work. As Henry Ford famously said: “If you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” 


A positive mindset at work

Turning up with the attitude of “it’s another day of drudgery” will set your brain’s reticular activating system (RAS) to focus on all the negative things that happen during your working day, thus justifying how miserable you are at work.

Is this Diego’s public attitude and he’s just got really good at blagging it, or does he truly arrive at work with a positive attitude? 

My guess is Diego’s brain is set to: “Brilliant, I’m being given another opportunity to add enjoyment to the lives of my passengers”. 

Diego’s RAS is now set to picking up on all the positive interactions during the trip. His brain will even focus on the positives in a negative interaction, meaning he’s getting to the end of each day filled with positive experiences. 


Shifting your attitude 

So, how can we install a positive attitude in ourselves and our employees? How would our working day improve if all our interactions were focused on a great outcome? What would our clients’ purchasing experience be like if any involvement they have with our company had a little ‘polish’ added to every engagement? 

Apologies that you’ve got to the end of this article looking for the golden answer, because it’s not here. If I did have the answer, this article would have been written from my own private Caribbean island. All I can offer as advice is to embrace your inner Diego and spread the love.

If you are the company owner, then this positive, enthusiastic attitude needs to start with you.

I know owning and operating a business is no bed of roses, but you chose it. Don’t let negative situations reflect off you to dull the lives of your staff. Stay positive no matter what and brighten the lives of your employees, who’ll follow your “no matter what, we can beat this, and we can do it with style” attitude. 

Even if you are not the company owner, you can still be the leader of this positive revolution. Remember, a leader is not a job title you’re given, but a position earned through the way you act and interact with those around you. 

You have to work, there is no choice. To enjoy your work is 100% in your control.

Become the leader of the positive revolution in your company. Time will pass quicker, great people will gravitate towards you and, as a result, your company’s growth will be exponential. 

Come on, enjoy your working life by embracing your inner Diego. 

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