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Scream if you want to go faster – Lea Karasavvas

by: Lea Karasavvas
  • 14/05/2013
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Scream if you want to go faster – Lea Karasavvas
I recently took the family to Disneyland Paris.

What fun we had. There were rides a plenty, thrills around every corner and frequent smiles on our faces. At times there were also tears. If it wasn’t my kids, who couldn’t comprehend the fact that you do not need to buy a toy in every shop, it was myself wailing at my pathetic attempts to discipline them. There were times when we wondered what the hell we were doing, we questioned our own sanity as we defied gravity and attempted rides that put the fear of god in all those that “enjoyed” them.

One ride in particular, had a drop that left me thankful my four year old son had decided not to partake in. Expletives I have not repeated since my Sunday League Football, continually flooded from my mouth. At the climax of the ride, I couldn’t help but think the rush felt familiar. Very familiar. I’d felt these emotions before.

That was it! I felt these emotions the day before, when a case of mine that had seemed doomed for no justifiable reason at all other than “it had failed the lenders credit score” despite both having 999 on their credit files, was suddenly salvaged. Oh, and the day before that, when a property with several comparables was inexplicably down valued.

In fact, these emotions I had just paid way over the odds to experience (due to Mickeys cunning stealth taxation – Coke for 7 Euros…I’ll give you “oh Boy” ya little…!!) was actually the same emotion I have experienced every day since the credit crunch, for free, at work!

Mortgage broking is a roller coaster. It’s a ride full of turns, loop the loops, scares, thrills and adrenalin. For brokers fortunate enough to have hair, the transformation from their perfectly gelled barnets that they proudly exhibit in the morning, to the ruffled messes at close of play, are symbolic of the rides we experience on our daily fun at Broker Park – World of Mortgage Adventures. We have a free entry and enjoy the rides without queueing every day!

Best of all, we know the rides better than anyone. We know the pleasure of Professor Burps Bubble Works (you work out the lender), we also know the fear of Space Mountain and what it is like to be shot at great speed into darkness not knowing where we end up (answers on a postcard…). We also know what it is like to free fall 160ft in the Hollywood Tower of Terror without actually doing so (Anyone?). The pleasure of telling everyone about a great ride, queueing ages for access, only to find that when you get there the ride has been “withdrawn” at the last minute.

For me, I spent a few days talking about the fact it had been 15 years since I had experienced a theme park ride and the emotions that come with it. Looking back, I realise this was nonsense. Every day, I’ve been on a roller coaster. A ride full of drops (in valuations), speed (of underwriting), queueing (to book funds or get to valuation stage) and frustration (when the you can’t get on the ride you want).

As scary as they can be, we love the thrill of the ride. We’ll continue to return to the park and enjoy the rush even though they are knocking years off our lives. Right now, there are more rides than we have seen for a long time and as much as we all complain, we love the experience.

Buckle up!

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