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Enterprise Finance readies online broker portal for MCD

  • 10/02/2016
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Enterprise Finance readies online broker portal for MCD
Enterprise Finance is set to launch a broker portal to support advisers with changes to second charge lending requirements brought about by the Mortgage Credit Directive (MCD).

The master broker will launch its portal on 21 March to coincide with the MCD which will see second charge mortgages brought into line with first charges.

Speaking at an MCD event hosted by TenetLime, Harry Landy, sales director at Enterprise, explained that the portal would be available to brokers who advised on second charges as well as those deciding to refer them on. Brokers who decide to advise themselves will be able to use Enterprise as their chosen packager to submit the deal to lenders.

“All the advised sales we will do will be completely online, there will be no paper applications,” said Landy.

“The portal will obtain a quote to find out if the client qualifies for a second charge mortgage and there are 15 questions in total that will let you find out what products are available to a customer.”

“Once you’ve done that, if you’re advising you can put more information into the system to get a more detailed solution sheet. If you’re not going to be advising then you put the client’s details into the system and refer them over to the office and someone will pick up the customer details, do a full fact find, make a recommendation and be responsible for that advice.”

Landy added that all advisers at Enterprise had been CeMap trained in preparation for the MCD. The regulatory changes require that all lenders and brokers giving advice in the second charge market are fully qualified as mortgage advisers.

“It’s not a requirement that all our staff need to be CeMap qualified until 2018 but our internal view is that if we’re offering advice than we want to be as highly qualified as we possibly can,” he said.

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