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‘An API is sometimes described as a bit like an electrical socket’ – video [04:24]

  • 04/10/2018
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Welcome to our technology video panel debate, in association with NatWest Intermediary Solutions.


Dan Salmons, director of innovation for mortgages, homebuying and ownership at Royal Bank of Scotland kicks off the debate describing an Application Programming Interface (API) as a bit like an electrical plug socket, standardised and therefore “really easy to connect”.

Later in the video he continued: “What’s exciting is that APIs have mainly been used to connect processes inside companies and to smooth the way our systems work, but what we’re on the brink of is a time when the whole industry begins to connect up via APIs, with hundreds of lenders and thousands of brokers.”

He added: “Suddenly it will be possible to pass everything from DIPs, to applications, to tracking information much more easily. That’s what’s going to be coming in over the next months and years.”



For more click on the video below.


Our panelists are from left of screen to right:


Chair: Victoria Hartley, group editor, Mortgage Solutions

Mark Lofthouse, CEO, Mortgage Brain

Jenny Watts, COO, Dynamo

Dan Salmons, director of innovation for mortgages, home buying and ownership at RBS



This is the first in a series of four technology debate videos.





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