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‘The move to digital is no longer optional’ – Syndeo Masterclass

  • 07/07/2022
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‘The move to digital is no longer optional’ – Syndeo Masterclass
The full integration of technology and digital ways to engage with clients in the financial services sector is no longer optional, but mandatory, Syndeo has said.

Speaking on a masterclass session in association with Mortgage Solutions, Oliver Lennon, CEO of the AI and digital communications provider said the pandemic had caused an acceleration in the use of technology. However, since restrictions had eased, there was evidence to suggest clients were opting for digital channels out of choice rather than necessity.

He said research carried out by the Boston Consulting Group last year, showed the pandemic had sped up digital adoption and transformation in the financial services sector by three to four years.

Lennon said even within Syndeo, usage of its conversational AI platform had increased by 160 per cent in the last six months, despite there being no restrictions.

“This tells me that consumers are using these channels more out of choice, and not just out of necessity being forced on them,” he added.

He said the use of mobile banking along with chat or voice-based virtual assistances had risen, highlighting a solid use of such functions.

Lennon said before the pandemic, there would have been a “fear of consumer resistance” but that has not materialised.

Nicola Schutrups, managing director of The Mortgage Hut, also presented on the masterclass to share her firm’s experience with its digital transformation.

She said as a business, it was important to at least be aware of different platforms and the different demographics of people who use them.

Schutrups also said paying attention to each platform was essential.

“Whichever one you are choosing to use, there is no point in setting up an account then having nothing on there. Because if people find that account and it looks like it’s not managed or there is nothing relevant on there, it actually reflects badly on your business,” she added.

The masterclass ‘How to tune into changing customer behaviour so your business stays relevant’ focused on the different channels firms can use to engage with clients effectively, build their online profile to capture leads and improve customer experience.

The 45-minute event is available online, on demand.

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