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Nationwide ups rates; Hinckley and Rugby BS adds income booster deal – round-up

  • 29/04/2024
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Nationwide ups rates; Hinckley and Rugby BS adds income booster deal – round-up
Nationwide has become the latest lender to increase its mortgage rates.

This follows the likes of Natwest and Santander, who announced rate rises earlier today. 

Changes apply to all fixed rates for new business borrowers and select fixed rates for existing customers. 

This includes its two-year fix at 60% loan to value (LTV) for existing homemovers. The £1,499 fee-paying option now has a rate of 4.79%, while the deal with a £999 fee is priced at 4.84%. The free option has a rate of 5.04%. 

These changes represent a 0.15% increase in pricing. 

Similar adjustments have been made to the lender’s three-, five- and 10-year fixes for existing homemovers, with the latter seeing rate increases of 0.2%. 

Changes apply from 30 April. 

For remortgage borrowers, the two-year fixed 60% LTV mortgage with a £1,499 fee is priced at 4.84% or 4.89% with a £999 fee. For the fee-free option, this rises to 5.19%. 

The mutual has also adjusted rates across switcher products for existing borrowers, switching with additional borrowing and further advance products. Changes apply to its deals up to 90% LTV.

Nationwide’s tracker rates remain unchanged. 


Hinckley and Rugby launches 95% LTV income booster mortgage 

Hinckley and Rugby Building Society has released a 95% LTV product within its income flex range. 

This is a two-year product with a discounted rate of 6.45% and is aimed at borrowers with non-standard or complex incomes.

It offers up to five-and-a-half times income with no minimum income requirement, and it is open to contractors, the self-employed, borrowers with commission-only earnings and people with just one year of accounts. 

The product has a £999 fee and is open to purchasers, buyers and people looking to remortgage after at least six months of owning in their home. 

Borrowers must meet Hinckley and Rugby’s standard affordability criteria. 

The mutual said the product would help to address the problem of people being able to afford mortgage payments but not raise a deposit due to high rents and other living costs. 

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