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Leeds Building Society extends LTI limits

Leeds Building Society is extending its loan to income (LTI) limits for some borrowers who...

  • Mar 13, 2017
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Current mortgage trends may justify LTV caps this year – IMF

A limit on the amount borrowers can take out against the value of their home could be requ...

  • May 16, 2016
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Virgin caps loans above £500,000 at four times income

Virgin Money customers taking out loans above £500,000 will have their affordability asse...

  • Apr 06, 2016
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Santander lowers LTI cap for borrowing over 80% LTV

Santander has reduced its loan-to-income (LTI) cap for residential customers looking to bo...

  • Jan 08, 2016
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Lenders ‘tweaking’ criteria to ease LTI restrictions

Advisers say they are experiencing ‘a degree of positivity’ from lenders on supporting...

  • Nov 05, 2015
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How have loan-to-income caps affected your customers?

Last year, the Bank of England limited the amount of lenders' mortgage business with loan-...

  • Oct 29, 2015
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Natwest to tighten loan-to-income criteria

Natwest is decreasing the loan to income (LTI) maximum on mortgages with a loan-to-value (...

  • Oct 12, 2015
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Barclays boosts loan-to-income criteria

Barclays has made changes to its loan-to-income criteria by lowering the minimum loan amou...

  • Jun 30, 2015
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Woolwich changes income multiple caps across range from today

In a series of income multiple changes, Woolwich, mortgages from Barclays has increased th...

  • Mar 31, 2015
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