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Star Letter 13/06/14

  • 13/06/2014
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Star Letter 13/06/14
Each week Mortgage Solutions picks the best reader contributions from our article comments and letters to the editor.

Each week, we also round-up the best comments, emails and letters to the site and pick one reader contribution as our Star Letter. This week’s award goes to:

Vince Cable: Cap mortgage lending at 3.5 x income

Gosh, how nice would it be if our leaders were better informed.

So, we have a London market fuelled by cash buyers, investment buyers and foreign money. This will not affect them.

We have a SE market driven by well paid London workers, often earning a multiple of the average wage, who are borrowing up to 5x their salaries (assuming they have large deposits, no or little other debt and few or no children – as per the new MMR affordability rules).

Is this a problem – well no, if you earn £200k per annum and a repayment mortgage of £1,000,000 on a five-year fixed rate will cost circa £5,000 / month, well you still have around £4,500 to scrape by on – not a problem I say.

Then you have the third market, say Cambridge upwards, where prices have barely risen (and are still lower than in 2007 in much of NI/NE/NW).

So ok, not everyone in the SE earns £200k, but you know what, if they earn £30k and have a wife and 2 kids, they wouldn’t get a lender to lend them 5x salary in the new MMR affordability world!

So, let’s rush ahead with a London centric, badly thought out policy, let’s keep fueling the market on one hand with HTB, then bring out poorly thought out and possibly impossible to regulate ‘capping’ powers. Brilliant.


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