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HBOS investigation makes mockery of process – Star Letter 18/12/2015

  • 18/12/2015
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HBOS investigation makes mockery of process – Star Letter 18/12/2015
Each week, we round-up the best comments, emails and letters to the site and pick one reader contribution as our Star Letter.

This week’s Star Letter goes to Mac75 for his comment on the story Decision on HBOS investigation made before final report was seen, MPs told.

The whole process regarding investigations and decisions not to pursue former directors and the auditor seems to have been a complete botch up from day one.

It really leaves a bad taste when the regulator just backs off the big boys. This does not give any form of confidence in the regulator when potential miscreants get off scot free. If it had been a brokerage firm they would have been judged and fined by now.

The regulator and the government need to get its act together when dealing with such serious issues as this.
Taking so long to get reports out just makes a mockery of the whole process. How much money has the investigation cost, just to get zero result.


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