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Social media: It’s the human element that really matters – Goldsmith Williams

by: Emma Coffey, head of sales at Goldsmith Williams Solicitors
  • 12/12/2016
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Social media: It’s the human element that really matters – Goldsmith Williams
What makes a successful social media account? As someone who is personally quite active online, this is a question I’m asked often.

The truth is, there isn’t one formulaic answer. Each and every individual, organisation or firm will need to find the formula that works best for them, their goals and their audience. However, there are some things that don’t change. The importance of people is one of them.

Indeed, a common mistake ‘professional’ firms such as those in the property or legal sectors often make is, forgetting the ‘human element’ when posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. It’s all well and good to post your fantastic fee offerings or multitude of awards, but this means little to savvy social media users if they can’t place a trusted face behind the promotions.

Take our Goldsmith Williams Twitter account, for instance. The most engaged-with post of the week? An editorial from our director of operations, Adele Whittle. Likewise, on Facebook, one of GW’s most popular statuses was a simple image of a card and some sweets gifted to our property team, from a lovely couple, delighted with the service received. The latter received more than double our usual amount of users – pretty impressive work for a Hallmark card and a box of Quality Street!

Similarly, our marketing team here at GW has been busy scheduling away the firm’s most ‘personal’ month of social media content to date. Throughout December, our social media accounts will focus very much on our staff – charitable causes they’re getting involved with; all the fun that comes with decking out the office with decorations; pre-Christmas party antics; festive jumpers, you name it.

That’s in-between the more serious stuff of course – we will continue promoting our services and successes.

The idea is simple. By showing the firm’s human side (we are real people, after all), increasingly loyal fans or followers will be much more likely to take the mores ‘salesy’ pitches seriously.

Like all things, it is about balance.

So, this Christmas period, I am challenging myself and all other professionals and firms to truly get into the festive spirit via social media. Let’s showcase our wonderful staff members, the charity efforts, the sneaky sweets or gifts received my appreciative clients.

Shall we call it #EmmasChristmasChallenge?

Who’s with me?

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