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Social media trends – what you should be considering this year

by: Emma Coffey, head of sales at Goldsmith Williams Solicitors
  • 03/03/2017
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Social media trends – what you should be considering this year
Paid-for advertising is now more accessible than ever before, especially for small-to medium-sized businesses. The likes of Facebook give firms of all sizes a powerful platform to reach large numbers of relevant clients, sans the huge budget once required.

As a result though, our daily lives are becoming increasingly saturated with (often poor) sponsored messages.

Platforms once reserved for the ‘editorial’ such as Instagram are now customised for advertisers in the same way a newspaper is. As a result, when every second service provider in the industry is sponsoring a Facebook post, the impact is reduced.

That’s why ‘good’ content, whether it’s paid-for or not (I would suggest that the latter is always more valuable, in the long run) is so important. By ‘good’, I mean content that is relevant to your target audience and through which that audience can engage with your brand. The idea is – engagement results in leads which convert to sales.

Some examples of ‘good’ content for those in the property market could include:

• A blog outlining 10 top reasons why living in a geographic area you’d like to target clients in is a great place to live, including local attractions, cultural activities, schools and opportunities for families

• Friendly staff photographs including some personal, non-work related facts about them, to give clients a more personalised impression of the organisation and who they will be interacting with

• An opinion piece from a head of department, owner or partner in your organisation addressing a ‘hot topic’ for example, the impact of Brexit on the housing market

In short, fresh, relevant and engaging content will boost not just your SEO, but the overall engagement of potential clients in relation to your brand.

Video will continue to increase in popularity

Whether it’s a funny cat video on YouTube or a live news item broadcast on Facebook, video isn’t going anywhere.  The days of stagnant, promo videos are, however, coming to an end. Users are demanding live, fresh content.

How could property marketers include live video content in their marketing plans?

One idea could be an ‘ask the experts’ session on Facebook Live. Pick a relevant and popular topic, like  purchasing your first home and answer questions posted in real-time as they come in.

‘Serious’ businesses will start to have more fun

As platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest gain popularity among businesses, content must adapt too. Content that is humorous, visually stunning and generally less text-heavy is much more likely to go viral in these contexts, like memes, which are often humorous imitations of life in some way. For a good example, take a look at one of the first ever memes, Keyboard Cat.

So that is my challenge for you all this month.

What is the most entertaining way you can come up with to promote your property services to your partners or potential clients?

Shall we call it #EmmasChallenge? Let’s have some fun..

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