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Mortgage Mutterings: The week that was 9 – 13 May 2011

by: Mortgage Solutions
  • 13/05/2011
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This is the Mortgage Solutions weekly talk back page. Here, we pick the best online comments and letters to the editor on the big stories of the week to give you a flavour of what the industry is really thinking.

You can take another look at this week’s news and we’ll round up the most thought-provoking or unmissable comments posted after stories or letters sent straight through to the editor.

From next week – 16 May – we will be offering a bottle of champagne for the best reader’s comment each week. Comment on the Mortgage Solutions website or send a letter to the editor and you could win the champers and feature in next week’s Mortgage Mutterings.


Blog: The day I fell victim to the PPI scandal

Mortgage Solutions | 09 May 2011 | 13:50

Scott Sinclair

The banks need to be hauled over the coals for this mis-selling scandal but what it has done is opened the floodgates for the ‘ambulance chasing’ claims companies to submit them on behalf of individuals and rake in the profits.

As an IFA I am now waiting for the first batch of ASU complaints to drop though my letterbox. Although I know when I advised these clients, I did within the FSA rules and kept comprehensive records of each sale and I am confident that any such complaint against me will be rejected. However, what really scares me is if the ambulance chaser, who has nothing to lose takes it to the next level – the FSA! Read more

Andrea Mason

09 May 2011 | 21:58

I have never thought MPPI represented good value and at best it introduces a false sense of security. A few years ago I had an argument with my compliance department concerning the lack of written MPPI policies,  thank goodness I stuck to my beliefs and have no fear of the latest edict.


10 May 2011 | 17:00


Buy to let – housing hero or villain?

Mortgage Solutions

10 May 2011 | 15:28

Paul Broadhead

The reason why most first-time buyers are putting off buying is that property in the UK is very overpriced. There needs to be a significant reduction in property prices to encourage first-time buyers back into the market. The best way in my opinion is to restrict buy-to-let landlords with curbs on lending no more than 50% loans as in China. In addition, raise significant revenue for HMRC by removing tax relief for loans on buy-to-let properties, so that landlords have less to offset in their accounts.

Colin Cloy

10 May 2011 | 16:07


Scumbag protection

Mortgage Solutions

10 May 2011 | 14:44

The Insider

Insider, you make me laugh and smile with every article, keep it up as it helps keep me sane.

Marc Open

10 May 2011 | 16:27


Godiva BTL rate cuts to “shake up market”

Mortgage Solutions

10 May 2011 | 16:10

Kay McLellan

Carlsberg couldn’t do better. I am such a fan of the Coventry.

Stuart Duncan

10 May 2011 | 21:15


MS Poll: Dual pricing – less of a concern?

Mortgage Solutions | 09 May 2011 | 09:29

Simret Samra

I don’t understand why they can’t offer mortgage brokers the same rates as it offers for going direct. Brokers would still have to prove their worth for the extra fee but clients would be blinded by cheaper rates.

Saul Conway

11 May 2011 | 14:39


Jubilee unveils UK house price index linked products

Mortgage Solutions | 12 May 2011 | 12:05


It’s a brave adviser who recommends this. No more than a 10% fall in the index seems ambitious. We could see a much higher fall than that.

Dave Evans

12 May 2011 | 14:18


Have a great weekend

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