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Dashly runs ITV broker ads to boost sales platform roll out

  • 17/05/2021
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Dashly, the lead generating mortgage dashboard and search software, ran its first TV ad campaign this morning, driving consumers to speak to an adviser and sign up to eligibility prompts for cheaper mortgages.


The software firm’s first advert aired at 09.30 this morning targeting consumers, following a partnership with ITV AdVentures Ignite, which offered strategy and planning support on the campaign.

ITV viewers will see the advert during programmes such as Good Morning Britain and Coronation Street and is projected to reach just over 3.25m viewers in total within the Anglia region, according to the channel’s figures.

We would expect the campaign to reach between 3,250,000 – 3,408,000 viewers in total, within the Anglia region. And those viewers would see the ad an average of 7/8 times across the campaign.

This is between 39-43% of all people in the Anglia area

The mortgage switching fintech Dashly has finished a pilot and been working closely with mortgage advice firms Tenet Group, MMD and mortgage club Paradigm Mortgage Services.

Dashly’s broker roll-out programme combines expert, human advice and search, fact find and marketing communications technology offering a consumer-facing dashboard to boost sales.

Bob Hunt, chief executive of Paradigm Mortgage Services, said: “It’s no secret that we’re ambitious, and our focus over the last few years has been growth – for ourselves and for our members. And after a successful pilot, we’re delighted to be rolling this technology out to more of our firms.

“Dashly’s proposition, in many ways, has been tailor-made for Paradigm and its brokers: it allows firms to retain a strong brand identity while also taking advantage of highly-specialised technology to get the best deals for its clients, which in turn promotes loyalty and trust and, ultimately, increased earnings.”

Paradigm is encouraging all of its 1,612 DA member firms or roughly 3,000 advisers to sign up to the dashboard and Dashly continues to increase its team to onboard brokers more quickly, it said.

Dashly said research found more than 80 per cent of customers would prefer a fully online mortgage application process, many of whom are unaware of how crucial it is to secure the kind of tailored deal that can only come from a broker.

Ross Boyd, CEO of Dashly, said: “In a world of tech, human advice is more important than ever. Complexity, uncertainty, and increased competition in the market mean customers are overwhelmed trying to navigate comparison sites which don’t offer the kind of bespoke deals a broker would for each individual’s circumstances.”

James Keable, financial services director at privately-owned, estate agency-driven South East-based Mortgage Matters Direct (MMD), said: “Our high-performing mortgage team already excelled at retention thanks to our in house support team,” but added: “We’ve seen unprecedented levels of sales in recent months, and it’s nice to know no matter how busy we are with new business, we are still able to maintain the best possible service levels to our existing customers and clients with the assistance of Dashly.”

Mark Scanlon, CEO of Tenet Group, added: “Our advisers can feel confident that they’re giving clients best in class bespoke mortgage advice. This in turn means better customer interactions, and client retention for years to come.”


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