InterBay cuts rates across semi-commercial and commercial ranges

InterBay cuts rates across semi-commercial and commercial ranges

The lender, an arm of OSB Group, said the reduction applied across all of its semi-commercial and commercial ranges, giving investors the option to choose products on an interest-only basis and widening the number of asset classes it would consider.

Rates will start from 4.69 per cent, and two-year loans have fallen by up to 0.4 per cent, whilst three and five-year loans have been cut by 0.5 per cent.

The company also reduced its proof of rent requirement for semi-commercial and commercial loans from 12 months to three months.

InterBay also said it had raised its LTV calculation to a maximum of 75 per cent in a bid to spur investors seeking new commercial opportunities this year. This is up from 70 per cent for semi-commercial borrowers and 65 per cent for commercial borrowers. 

Emily Hollands (pictured), head of specialist finance at InterBay, said: “We’re ready for a strong commercial market in 2022 and to help support investors with their business plans, we’ve developed a range of products which offer a wide choice of lending solutions.”

“Brokers applying for one of our mortgages will benefit from a personalised, flexible approach,” she added, including help from specialist finance account managers and an in-house real estate team that handles complex cases.