Almost half of landlords undecided about who to vote for in election

  • 28/05/2024
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Almost half of landlords undecided about who to vote for in election
Around 41% of landlords say they are undecided on who to vote for in the upcoming general election, a survey has found.

According to a survey from Landbay, around a third of landlords said they would vote for Conservative in the upcoming election, and 12% said they would choose Labour.

Approximately 5% said they intended to vote for the Liberal Democrats, and one in 10 chose ‘other’.

Within those who were undecided, the largest proportion were landlords with portfolios of 4-10 properties, at 35%. Landlords with 20 or more properties made up a quarter of this segment.

The majority of undecided operate within a limited company, at 69%.

Nearly half said they had concerns about a potential change of government, with some pointing to Labour as being allegedly anti-landlord and many policies between the two parties being closely aligned.

Some landlords said that their vote would go to the party that would lower the tax burden landlords face.

John Goodall, founder and CEO of Landbay, said: “Now that the election has been called, it is clear that landlords still need further reassurance from Labour about their plans for government and their policy for the sector.

“The UK needs a strong private rental sector that can support investment and has the ability to scale in order to provide housing to millions of households. We therefore urge Sir Keir Starmer to make clear his plans on housing and how his party will recognise the critical role of landlords and the private rental sector in the UK’s housing mix.”


BTL market ‘has survived countless crises, regime changes and new governments’

Rob Stanton, sales and distribution director at Landbay, added: “With a large proportion of landlords still undecided, these findings show the huge opportunity that is out there for all parties to engage with landlords, address their concerns and give them a reason to vote for their party. Given that much of recent politics from all sides has been anti-landlord, this would be a welcome change.

“It’s only natural for a potential change in government to raise concerns. In fact, we’re seeing this across lots of different industries and sectors as we all try [to] predict what changes in policy, regulation and central funding, for example, will mean for us.

“It’s important for landlords to remember that the buy-to-let market has survived countless crises, regime changes and new governments. Furthermore, it has continued to thrive, with lenders ready and willing to lend, and talented brokers able to support landlords in seizing the opportunities that are still out there.”

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