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A robust file will protect brokers from the growing ‘sue culture’ – Star Letter 21/05/2021

  • 21/05/2021
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A robust file will protect brokers from the growing ‘sue culture’ – Star Letter 21/05/2021
Each week Mortgage Solutions and its sister title Specialist Lending Solutions pick the top comments from our readers.


The first comment was in response to the story: Broker wins case against charge of mis-selling interest-only mortgage 

Andy Wilson said: “As always, a robust file will help to protect against losing claims such as these, which are likely to become more and more common whilst we live in a ‘sue culture’.  

“It is not enough to give your clients sound advice, you need to be able to prove you gave them sound advice.” 


Acceptable strategy 

He added: “Converting an interest-only mortgage to a capital and interest loan in the future is an acceptable repayment strategy, as long as the effects and risks of such a strategy are carefully explained to the client upfront, and in writing. There would also need to be evidence on file of how this change would become affordable, preferably with some stress-testing calculations in place too in case interest rates rise in the meantime. 

“It would not be an acceptable strategy however, if there was no likelihood of meaningful changes to the borrowers income in the future to be able to afford to convert in this way.” 


Documenting evidence 

“We also know all too well that borrowers conveniently forget they needed to put in place a plan to repay the debt at the end of the term. They can also conveniently suffer total amnesia when asked to recount conversations that may or may not have taken place with their adviser, especially when someone is given a whiff of possible compensation, so documented evidence on file and saved forever is key,” he added.  

Wilson said: “As an example, my supervising network sensibly keeps electronic files for 80 years, and this is solely to be able to defend complaints.” 


Long live the BDM! 

Last week’s Star Letter comment, which questioned the need for business development managers (BDMs), also garnered responses. 

Simon Wilkinson kicked off the support for BDMs, saying: “A good experienced BDM is a lifeline for brokers and their value should not be in question.  

“The idea of different lender BDMs sharing a WhatsApp group is excellent and a useful way of getting cases placed and co-operation between BDMs is a useful resource for brokers.” 

Danielle Panteli weighed in, adding: “BDMs are so valuable. I’d say I speak to at least one of our BDMs once a week.  

“Some I’ve known through my almost 20 years doing the job and are more like friends. A BDM’s guidance, help, advice quite often decides if a case goes through or not. I’ve had more situations than I can count where a case has been declined and a BDM has managed to turn it around.  

“I, for one, love our BDMs and love seeing them in the office for a coffee and catching up. It’s also hugely valuable for new staff to learn the lenders USPs and during the last year we’ve relied heavily on our BDMs support with various changes in criteria especially for the self-employed. Long live the BDM.” 

Arron Bardoe said: “How can any broker demonstrate they are maintaining their awareness of lenders’ criteria and getting their clients the best deals without speaking to their BDMs? 

“While the quality varies in what support a BDM can provide, they make all the difference in my business.” 

Tiffany C saw things from both sides, saying: “Not all BDMs from each lender are as co-operative or truly adding any value compared to others.  

“I know some BDMs who go the extra mile for me and my cases which makes a huge difference than if I didn’t have that relationship in the first place. There are certainly some BDMs who are just there and not adding any extra value than if I called the broker helpdesk or looked it up on their website.” 

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