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Nationwide Building Society

Welcome to Mortgage Solutions' index page where you can find all our news, features and topical coverage of the largest mutual mortgage lender in the UK, Nationwide.

Nationwide was established in 1846 and is headquartered in Swindon in Wiltshire from where it offers its mortgage, savings and other personal finance products. In May 2013, it announced plans to bring its merger partners Derbyshire, Cheshire and Dunfermline Building Societies under the Nationwide brand.

In 2011, Nationwide was the fourth largest mortgage lender in the UK after providing £17.1bn of borrowing, matching Barclays' lending for the year.

North West records biggest drop in house prices - Land Registry

Mortgage Solutions | 29 Jan 2015

Property prices in the North West saw a monthly price drop of 1.6% in December making it one of four regions in the UK to register a fall in housing values.


House price growth lags further in January - Nationwide

UK house price growth continued to slow in January, declining for the fifth month in a row, according to Nationwide's house price index.

Mortgage Solutions | 29 Jan 2015
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Skipton ditches seven-year fixes due to lack of customer interest

Skipton has pulled its seven-year fixed rate range of mortgages from the market which brokers say indicates the need for more innovation in longer-term fixed rate products.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Jan 2015

Other Nationwide building society articles


Nationwide to launch lowest 10-year fixed rate on market

Nationwide is to introduce the market’s lowest 10-year fixed rate mortgage, available up to 60% loan-to-value (LTV) at 2.84% for existing customers and 2.94% for new borrowers.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Jan 2015

Leeds simplifies builder cashback rules to compete with high street

Leeds Building Society has simplied its policy on gifted cash deposits for new build properties supplied by builders as a contribution to the purchase price.

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Jan 2015

How long can this price war rage? - Nationwide

Every day there seems to be a new headline, highlighting record low mortgage rates and fierce competition in the market. So what are the driving forces behind the low rates on new mortgage deals?

Mortgage Solutions | 20 Jan 2015
A view of fields in the Devon countryside

Homes within national parks command 21% price premium

House hunters purchasing homes within the boundaries of a national park have to pay a premium of £39,000 on an average home worth £188,810 - 21% more than an otherwise identical property.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Dec 2014
Lloyds Banking Group logo

Lloyds Banking Group joins MCI Mortgage Club panel

Lloyds Banking Group has been appointed to the panel of the newly formed MCI Mortgage Club.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Dec 2014
The Co-operative Bank

Co-operative, RBS and Lloyds fall short in BoE stress tests

Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland have fallen short in Bank of England tests to determine their resilience in the event of a new financial crisis, while the Co-operative Bank has been ordered to submit a new capital plan.

Mortgage Solutions | 16 Dec 2014

Annual house price growth slowest since February - Halifax

Annual house prices are growing at their slowest rate since February bringing the value of the average home to 186,940 in November, Halifax research has revealed.

Mortgage Solutions | 04 Dec 2014

Max Wright, trial runs and party tips - The Mortgage Solutions Quiz

Here's our news quiz to test your knowledge of the week's most thought-provoking, quirky or downright bizarre moments.

Mortgage Solutions | 28 Nov 2014

House price growth slowdown rumbles on for third month

House price growth has continued to cool in November marking the third consecutive month to see a slowdown in property price rises.

Mortgage Solutions | 28 Nov 2014
Nationwide logo

Nationwide refutes claim lending drop is linked to older borrowers

Nationwide has refuted suggestions in the national media that a £900m drop in its mortgage lending is linked to an unwillingness to lend to borrowers into retirement.

Mortgage Solutions | 25 Nov 2014

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