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Learn from the best to build a sustainable legacy for your business – Knight

  • 10/07/2020
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Learn from the best to build a sustainable legacy for your business – Knight
Two years ago, I wrote an article about the Southgate Effect after the England football team got so close to a first World Cup Final in more than 50 years.


As a southern Liverpool fan, I grew up accustomed to success on the football pitch and my team winning the league on a regular basis.

However, 30 years was a big chunk of time to wait for the next league title and far longer than I’m sure many of us anticipated.

There were many reasons for this but what we have to appreciate is that the success of the current team has to largely fall on the shoulders of the manager.

In a similar fashion to Southgate, Klopp has the ability to get the best out of the players at his disposal.

But what has this got to do with mortgage brokers?

Well, in the current market and economic environment, it’s crucial that we adapt to get the most out of our staff and suppliers by operating in a way which allows them to excel.

This can often prove the difference between winning and being a runner up.

So, here are a few things I see Klopp doing on a regular basis which we could all learn from.


Team Focus

Unlike other managers who use the word “I” or “me”, Klopp talks about the team. Not about the star players, it is all about the team.

This is an approach which generates greater trust within his players and trust is vital for any team.

In the current environment, building trust with those around you requires a greater emphasis on “us” and a renewed focus on building strong relationships.

Get to know your staff better. Learn more about their lives, their strengths and their weaknesses. Focus on the team ethos to build this trust.

Klopp also focuses on progress. He constantly refers to the team being in a state of development.

It’s about growing, learning and developing as a team. He likes to learn about his players rather than dictate to them.

He also understands that he does not know everything and that he needs to surround himself with experts to help create a winning team.



Anyone who follows football knows Klopp exudes passion.

I don’t think brokers need to be hugging everyone, not least because they can’t, but the more passionate we are about our roles the better. Passion is contagious – to staff and clients.

As Klopp said: “The only thing I can do is to put all I have – my knowledge, passion, heart, experience, everything – into this club.”


Be human

Klopp has labelled himself the normal one, or should that be new normal one now I guess, which is in sharp contrast to the ‘special’ one AKA Jose Mourinho.

Demonstrations of humility and empathy are vital in challenging times.

We often don’t realise the full effect that lockdown may have had on people from a mental, physical and emotional perspective.

So, take a bit of extra time to understand the needs of the people around you – from both a work and personal standpoint – and use this information to from better connections and establish a stronger support network.

Lead by example – Simply do your best. Give 100 per cent. As Klopp says: “It’s not really a philosophy, it’s just my way of life.”


Pats on the back

After each game, you see Klopp congratulating his players, win or lose.

Take time out to say thanks to staff and give them a big pat on the back. They will appreciate it more than ever right now.

And this combination of factors will hopefully build a legacy of success for both Liverpool and your business.



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