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Mortgage Vision 2021: Affordability Hub to be integrated into MortgageBrain Anywhere in Q2

  • 02/03/2021
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Mortgage Vision 2021: Affordability Hub to be integrated into MortgageBrain Anywhere in Q2
Mortgage Brain will integrate its Affordability Hub onto its MortgageBrain Anywhere sourcing system in Q2 of this year, the firm has said.


The Anywhere function allows brokers to source and complete cases on multiple devices so they can submit applications remotely. 

Speaking at the first day of Mortgage Solutions’ Virtual Mortgage Vision Masterclasses, Geoff Webb said Mortgage Brain needed to trial the functionality before rolling it out.

He added: “We’re working on bringing Affordability Hub integration into Anywhere but that’s not going to happen probably until the end of May or beginning of June. We develop things in Classic first, embed it in and make sure it’s all working correctly and it’s something that the brokers will use.

“Once it’s embedded in Classic then we will bring to Anywhere.” 

Webb said there also were plans to expand the number of lenders on its Affordability Hub, especially those with more complex affordability assessment processes. 

He added: “[Affordability Hub] works with the majority of lenders that do have calculators on their website or those that we can work with quickly and easily. Certain lender calculators will ask questions that are difficult to populate.  

“In order to make sure that our results are as accurate as possible, if there are certain questions on lenders’ websites that are being asked that we can’t easily cater for, we won’t bring them on just yet.”  

“But we are working with lenders to add more and more and to work around with the lenders to find ways around being able to ensure that the data we are passing through and therefore the results that we’re getting are as accurate as possible,” Webb said. 


The Mortgage Vision Masterclass events continue live on Thursday the 4 March with a its presentation: Reimagined insurance technology that makes giving GI advice a no-brainer.



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