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The Blood Bank launches to encourage financial services donors

by: Anna Sagar
  • 24/05/2021
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The Blood Bank launches to encourage financial services donors
An industry-wide initiative to promote and encourage blood donation, The Blood Bank, has launched today.

The Blood Bank is a campaign to create a nationwide effort to inform individuals about giving blood and increasing donation.

The idea was instigated by OSB Group’s group distribution director Roger Morris, Buckinghamshire Building Society’s lending head Tim Vigeon and Mortgage Brain’s sales development manager Peter Harte.

The initiative was slated to be launched on the 1 June 2021, but due to the industry response the launch date was hastened.

The ultimate aim is to onboard around 30,000 new registrants by the end of 2022. According to the NHS around 400 new donors a day are needed to meet demand, with around 135,000 new donors needed a year to replace those who can no longer donate.

There is also a heightened need for blood from ethnic minorities and young people, with the pandemic also adding further demand pressure.
The bank’s website acts as a central portal, giving information about the process of giving blood and tracking the number of financial services industry members who register to become donors and donate.

Get involved

Companies that want to organise blood drives can also find useful resources and request an explainer session with the NHS Blood and Transplant team.

Morris said: “I’m incredibly passionate about it and encourage everyone to get involved. It doesn’t take long, doesn’t cost anything, and by donating just a pint of blood you can save up to three lives – it’s the greatest gift you can give.”

Harte added: “Being totally honest, you come away feeling great about yourself as you know you’ve done a good thing, but what really brought it home was when I got the text after my third or fourth time giving to say my donation had been used at Birmingham Children’s Hospital — why would you not donate when you can save a child’s life?”

To show your support follow The Blood Bank on Twitter @mtgbloodbank and use #mortgagebloodbank with pictures, videos and text snapshots of donation usage to spread awareness.

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