‘Mindset shift’ could mean return to more liquid property market – Arnold

by: Joe Arnold, managing director of Arnold & Baldwin Chartered Surveyors
  • 28/01/2021
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‘Mindset shift’ could mean return to more liquid property market – Arnold
We have seen an important shift in people’s attitude to buying a home and many are no longer holding off making life decisions based on external economic events or even their place of work.


Covid-19 has been a wake-up call in that people have realised they can work, and trust their teams to work, remotely and the trend for people to move away from city centres to more rural locations has been well documented.

But there could well be a trend for some to move in the opposite direction.

Some people will want to move to larger conurbations in search of new opportunities and whereas small flats and studios are currently out of favour, when offices do start to reopen, there could be renewed interest in these properties to provide a ‘crash-pad’ for people with rural homes.


Mindset shift

I’m expecting to be busy this year – we’re recruiting and growing as a business – and there is every indication that this growth will be sustainable.

After all, we’ve been living in an environment of depressed property transaction numbers for a few years.

The global financial crash pulled the rug from under the market, and just as it began to recover, Brexit made people cautious again.

Now there has been a mindset shift that people are not going to put their life on pause because of the political or economic environment, we could return to a more liquid property market, with more transactions driven by people making decisions based on their lives rather than the headlines.

According to government statistics, the number of property transactions of more than £40,000 in November 2020 was 103,690.

This is the first time the number has broken through 100,000 since March 2016, which was of course before the Brexit referendum.


Leaving clients exposed

For brokers this is clearly good news, but there is also a word of caution.

As lenders have become more comfortable with automated valuation models (AVMs), they are increasingly de-coupling the valuation from any property inspection and many no longer offer the option of a survey.

This might help a case to progress more quickly, but it could also leave your clients exposed if it later emerges there are problems with a property that a survey would have picked up.

So, make sure that you discuss the options with them and ideally make this part of your documented processes.

It could protect your clients from taking on unwanted costs and protect your business from unwanted claims. It could also provide you an additional revenue stream, boosting 2021 income.


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