Kuflink’s P2P bridging platform surpasses £200m

Kuflink’s P2P bridging platform surpasses £200m

The lender, which launched its P2P platform in 2016 as the principal funding source for its bridging and development finance, said it took it nearly five years to reach its first £100m in investment in January 2021, but just over another year to pass £200m.

Kuflink is a specialist bridging and development finance lender which works with intermediaries and has funded its loans exclusively via its own P2P platform since 2016.

The lender said none of its investors had lost money on any of the bridging deals made and had received £118m in returned capital and interest.

Narinder Khattoare (pictured), chief executive of Kuflink, said: “Reaching £200m of inward investment on our platform is a great achievement by the whole team. Kuflink is a rarity among bridging lenders in that we have built a successful lending business without institutional investment.

“Since 2016, we have been self-funding thanks to our P2P platform and the private investors who have put their trust in our ability to invest their money into worthwhile bridging and development deals. Our record among bridging introducers and investors alike is now well proven thanks to our knowledge, lending experience and understanding of the property market.”

“I am particularly delighted to be able to say to advisers with customers looking for bridging or development finance that, thanks to the growing investment through our platform, our ability to fund more short term loans has never been better.”