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Mortgage lending expected to grow 2.2 per cent in 2024

The downward trajectory of the base rate and inflation will lead to an uptick in mortgage ...

  • Feb 19, 2024
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Experts predict the UK economy will avoid recession

The latest figures show that the UK economy will avoid recession as the private sector is ...

  • Jan 25, 2024
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Lending growth forecast to hit 10-year low into 2024

The slow lending growth is down to a combination of high borrowing rates and 'sluggish' GD...

  • Nov 06, 2023
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Experts predict inflation to fall to 4.5 per cent by the end of 2023

Economists predict that inflation will fall to 6.5 per cent in September, and to 4.5 per c...

  • Oct 16, 2023
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Base rate expected to rise beyond five per cent but economic outlook to ‘improve moderately’

Growth forecasts have replaced negative expectations for the economy this year.  

  • Jun 07, 2023
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Mortgage lending will grow slowly and ‘no surge in write-offs’ – EY

Mortgage lending will rise but write-offs won't as the UK narrowly avoid sinking into a re...

  • May 15, 2023
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Base rate to fall by winter – EY Item Club

The Bank of England (BoE) will raise the base rate one more time this year before cutting ...

  • Apr 17, 2023
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Mortgage lending to grow 0.4 per cent this year – EY

Net mortgage lending growth in the UK for this year is expected to come to 0.4 per cent, t...

  • Feb 06, 2023
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Recession likely to be ‘deeper’ but base rate peaks at four per cent – EY

The EY ITEM (Independent Treasury Economic Model) Club has warned that the UK is set for a...

  • Jan 23, 2023
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Average property prices expected to fall five to 10 per cent ‒ EY

Average house prices could fall between five and 10 per cent as mortgage rates remain elev...

  • Nov 08, 2022
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