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Quarter of over-55s with mortgages feeling effects of financial worries – Key

A quarter of people aged 55 or over and with a mortgage have said worrying about costs is ...

  • Jun 11, 2024
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Scottish govt declares housing emergency

The Scottish government has declared during a Labour-led housing debate that the country i...

  • May 16, 2024
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Higher mortgage rates still impacting buyer demand – Zoopla

Elevated mortgage rates and repayments are still affecting buyers’ affordability and dem...

  • Apr 29, 2024
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Two fifths of renters and mortgage holders struggle with housing costs – ONS

Around 40 per cent of adults have reported finding it very or somewhat difficult to afford...

  • Dec 04, 2023
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The role of fixed mortgage rates in the UK economy – Fryers

According to UK Finance, just over 80 per cent of mortgage holders are on a fixed-rate dea...

  • Oct 04, 2023
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Rate rises call for a simpler approach to interest only and later life lending – Denman-Molloy

Recent data from the Financial Conduct Authority shows how the shape of the interest-only ...

  • Oct 02, 2023
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Over two-fifths of mortgage holders are worried about payments – Money Expert

Some 42 per cent of homeowners paying a mortgage are concerned that they will not be able ...

  • Sep 22, 2023
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Three ways to help clients in a rising base rate environment – Krampah-Williams

News coverage about inflation and the resulting increased cost of living is currently wide...

  • Aug 25, 2023
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Almost a third of homeowners take on extra work to afford rising mortgage costs

Around 30 per cent of UK homeowners are taking on additional employment to increase their ...

  • Aug 25, 2023
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Cost of renting now cheaper for first-time buyers than homeownership – Zoopla

The average cost of renting has surpassed the average monthly mortgage payment for the fir...

  • Aug 22, 2023
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