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We want the industry to connect better – The Mortgage Marketing Forum

by: Jeff Knight, co-founder of The Mortgage Marketing Forum
  • 06/12/2021
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We want the industry to connect better – The Mortgage Marketing Forum
There are many definitions of marketing and the Chartered Institute of Marketing has a good one – 'marketing is the management process for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably'.


I like to simplify this and say that marketing is the “ability to connect the customer with the business, through a two-way communication with the most important element of that communication being the ability to listen.”

Listening is the key component in being able to connect with audiences. 

For example, lenders, conveyancing firms and tech providers need to listen to brokers better – to really identify their needs and behaviours. The role of marketing in organisations is now more important than ever – but not everyone realises this. Yet. 


Thank you, Mortgage Solutions

This is one reason why myself, Alex Hammond and Paul Hunt set up the Mortgage Marketing Forum: to raise the profile and importance of this key strategic function and to give support and ideas to our members.

We connect marketing professionals at all levels on the industry through events, reports and ideas sharing.

And we are grateful for the support of our sponsors – of which Mortgage Solutions is one. Mortgage Solutions has the vision to see the value of the Forum for the mortgage industry in terms of connect ability.

Connect 4

During the pandemic, we have all probably become de-connected with others in many ways. The Mortgage Marketing Forum has been set up to counter this.

I recently spoke to a few marketing professionals who work for mortgage brokers. They all said the same thing. They wanted to connect with marketers from lenders to work together to deliver more impactful marketing to customers, and they wanted to connect with other marketers to discuss shared experiences. However, they only ever got to speak with business development managers (BDMs).

We may think we are connecting through social media. But we are not. We are humans and we need proper connections. 


Growth through connections

Einstein said: “Growth comes through analogy; through seeing how things connect, rather than only seeing how they might be different.”

Lenders are different to brokers. Technology firms are different to conveyancing firms. And so on. But that does not mean we can’t connect. That does not mean we can’t learn from each other. And that does not mean that we can’t understand each other better for a win, win scenario. 

For the mortgage market to grow – and I don’t mean in terms of volume of sales – but in how it operates more efficiently and effectively, it needs better connections. 

There are already lots of great ways this happens. The Mortgage Marketing Forum is just one more way. But it is vital as its members are the ones who need to understand their audiences better and what better way to do that then actually talk and listen to each other. 

It has so many benefits.


Imagine if

Just imagine. Lenders really do understand brokers and give a hands-free experience. Just imagine if conveyancing firms understood lenders and brokers. Imagine if tech firms understood everyone.

The Mortgage Marketing Forum is going to do more than imagine. It is going to make connections, and this is ultimately going to make a change.


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