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Mortgage broker launches primetime TV ad campaign

  • 11/09/2017
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Mortgage broker launches primetime TV ad campaign
Habito is launching a primetime TV advertising campaign tonight.

The campaign follows the online broker successfully raising £18.5m in funding and will feature its combination of online and human-based advice, including one of the advice team, Ash.

Habito CEO Daniel Hegarty, who was a session musician before going into business, also features in the advert as he worked alongside David Kamp to produce and code the music.

The first advert will appear on the ITV Meridian region in slots including X-Factor, Victoria and the first episode of new drama, Liar.

It will be on ITV Meridian for a month before rolling out nationally from January 2018, with further adverts likely to be produced in 2018.


Notable exceptions

High profile mortgage broker adverts have been limited, with John Charcol’s tube-based ads and London and Country’s daytime campaign the notable exceptions.

The Habito advert was directed by Nexus graphic artist Nicolas Ménard, who specialises in visualising algorithms and has published a book on the subject.

The ad, which can also be viewed on YouTube, presents a visualisation of the Habito algorithm sifting through thousands of mortgages to find the right one, before moving to the human broker to complete the process.

Hegarty said: “Mortgages are intimidating and disempowering – people want and need to know they are getting the best possible deal, but also know they are cared for and understood.

“We wanted a disruptive and elegant way to showcase the duality that makes Habito special: precise engineering underlying skilled human brokers.”

Habito COO Jenny Watts took part in Mortgage Solutions’ Tech Talks series of debates, where she revealed the firms first customer was a 60-year-old from Hull, how it was making chatbots more human, and that some people will always want a phone call.

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