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Bill to ‘modernise’ planning outlined in Queen’s speech

  • 11/05/2021
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Bill to ‘modernise’ planning outlined in Queen’s speech
The government will introduce laws to update the planning system and allow for the building of more homes, the Queen said in her speech marking the new parliamentary session.


Speaking today, the Queen said the government would help more people to own their own home with “laws to modernise the planning system, so that more homes can be built”. 

The Planning Bill is set to be introduced in the autumn, after being trialled in the planning white paper last summer. 

At the time, housing secretary Robert Jenrick said the government would make planning decisions “simple and transparent” with a focus on quality, design and the environment. 

There will be an increase in homes built through modern methods of construction and developers will be given more certainty over what projects are established where.

This will be done by local councils identifying areas which are marked for either growth, renewal or protection. 


State promises 

Kate Davies, executive director of the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association (IMLA), said: “Without wishing to appear unduly curmudgeonly, I think most commentators could be forgiven for reacting to the latest government announcement by saying we’ve heard it all before 

The announcement of a new planning bill aimed at helping to better designate land for development should be a positive step in the right direction towards building more homes in the UK – but we’ve had so many steps and promises in the past – all of which have led to – relatively little.   

Successive governments have struggled to hit their building targets and recent research from Shelter suggests we may not do so until 2032. That is before we factor in the delays caused by Covid-19,” she added. 

Davies said: “Having said that, the coronavirus crisis has reset so much about our everyday lives, and the government has made clear its desire to ‘build back better’.  

Implementing an effective housing strategy could play a big part in doing just that. There is a great opportunity for Boris Johnson’s government to be the first in nearly 20 years to make a real difference and deliver on its promises to address the current issues facing the housing market.  

The big challenge will lie in whether it can take a sufficiently long-term strategic view of what needs to be done and set in motion projects that will not be fully delivered until after the life of this Parliament and these politicians.” 

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