Shawbrook Bank names CLSQ and D-Risk as climate partners

  • 23/05/2023
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Shawbrook Bank names CLSQ and D-Risk as climate partners
Shawbrook Bank named CLSQ and D-Risk as climate partners to allow the provision of climate data and analysis for its lending portfolios.

The lender used its data and insight provided by the firms to complete a “quantitative assessment” of climate-related scenarios using information from its latest climate-related financial disclosures report.

CLSQ helps lenders, surveyors and insurers to streamline decisions with property insight using insurance and data suites.

It has access to over 8,000 datasets with more than 1.5bn data points across 28 million UK properties.

D-Risk offers land risk analysis for commercial real estate, property developers and financial institutions, so it can assess the impact of climate change on lending decisions and future-proof the appraisal of environment risk reviews for properties.


Improving climate management

Paul Allton, chief prudential risk officer for Shawbrook Bank, said: “CLSQ’s and D-Risks’ innovative approach and commitment to delivering cutting-edge, data-driven solutions has significantly improved our climate management information at Shawbrook Bank, enabling us to complete our quantitative assessment of climate-related scenarios, which has been used for our latest Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Report.

“We look forward to using these insights to support our customers in the transition to a low carbon economy.”

Lorenzo Tejada-Orrell, chief innovation officer at CLSQ, added: “We’re delighted to continue to be a climate partner of Shawbrook, helping the bank work towards supporting its customers in the transition to a low carbon economy.

“Our partnership is based on close collaboration and a strong understanding of Shawbrook’s climate requirements. As part of this continuing collaboration, Shawbrook is supported by our in-house climate and property risk experts. This is just one example of the full spectrum of data-driven property solutions we provide at CLSQ.”


A positive climate journey

Andrew Pullman, managing director at D-Risk, continued: “The combined expertise of the CLSQ and D-RISK teams is taking Shawbrook on a positive journey with regards to climate change risk which is also helping its customers with their own net zero journeys.

“Our progressive and innovative data analysis is helping Shawbrook to understand and mitigate risks of climate-related events such as floods on commercial properties.”

He pointed to its FloodBI product which offers flood business impact scores to identity property resilience to a potential flood event, which he said was “critically important for the future”.

“As climate risk specialists, we understand the bigger picture and are thrilled to continue to support Shawbrook and their customers,” Pullman added.

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