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Searches for borrowers using gifted deposits and equity rise in August

Brokers searching on behalf of borrowers using gifted equity or making a concessionary pur...

  • Sep 07, 2023
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Knowledge Bank June mortgage searches reveal consumers seeking financial support

The mortgage searches carried out on Knowledge Bank’s platform indicated that borrowers ...

  • Jul 25, 2023
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Maximum age, missed payments and interest-only top broker resi searches

The most popular broker residential searches in April were the maximum age at the end of t...

  • May 04, 2023
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Affordability and remortgaging top queries by brokers in first months of 2023

Affordability and remortgaging were among the top queries by brokers in the first few mont...

  • Apr 27, 2023
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Equity release and second charge criteria searches shift in March

The most common broker searches for the equity release and second charge sectors revealed ...

  • Apr 12, 2023
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Affordability still a top priority for brokers in Q4 – Primis

Affordability made up a large proportion of mortgage searches in the last three months of ...

  • Feb 13, 2023
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Broker searches reveal client acceptance trumps price – Knowledge Bank

Brokers are increasingly looking for lenders whose criteria will accept their clients, rat...

  • Sep 27, 2022
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Brokers end up with unexpected lender after using affordability tools – MBT

Looking at affordability before using traditional sourcing tools means brokers are likely ...

  • Mar 14, 2022
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Record job moves drive broker searches – Knowledge Bank

Brokers have been working with many borrowers who have started new jobs as ‘time in empl...

  • Mar 10, 2022
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Rising house prices spark interest in affordability – Firth

If the start of the year is anything to go by, affordability will be a theme that runs thr...

  • Mar 07, 2022
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