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Conservatives and Labour discuss evictions and housebuilding in pre-election lead-up

The Conservatives and Labour have started making some policy announcements this week, with...

  • May 31, 2024
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Homelessness caused by Section 21 evictions hits highest level since 2018

More than 25,000 households face homelessness due to Section 21 no-fault evictions, the hi...

  • Apr 30, 2024
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Mortgage possession claims jump by over a third YOY in Q4 2023

Mortgage possession claims, warrants and repossessions all increased in the last quarter o...

  • Feb 08, 2024
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Tenants face a ‘winter of evictions’ as rents rocket and bills bite

More than 800,000 private renters are at risk of losing their homes after falling behind o...

  • Nov 16, 2023
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Government’s ‘reckless’ decision on energy efficiency stalls grant take-up

The government’s reversal on plans to increase minimum energy standards is discouraging ...

  • Oct 04, 2023
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Renters Reform Bill ‘must progress’ as 11,000 households face no-fault evictions

Campaign group Generation Rent has warned that the government is running out of time to ke...

  • Sep 15, 2023
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Older tenants hit with no-fault eviction notice every 16 minutes

Hundreds of thousands of renters over the age of 55 live in fear of being evicted by their...

  • Sep 06, 2023
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Generation Rent calls on lenders to protect tenants if landlords repossessed

A trade body has called on mortgage lenders not to evict tenants from rented properties if...

  • Aug 25, 2023
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Nearly 13,000 properties listed for sale with tenants in situ

Around 12,518 properties have been listed for sale with tenants in residence, with the hig...

  • Aug 22, 2023
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Free legal advice service launched for those facing eviction or repossession

A new government scheme has been launched to offer free legal advice to those who are conf...

  • Aug 02, 2023
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