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Mortgage Solutions Star Letter Extra 20/03/2015

by: Mortgage Solutions
  • 20/03/2015
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Mortgage Solutions Star Letter Extra 20/03/2015
Each Friday, Mortgage Solutions takes a look back at the best reader comments on the website.

OBR questions first-time buyer take-up of Help to Buy ISA

Surely if people cannot afford to buy houses, that means the market is over priced and helping people to buy over priced houses, can only fuel further price increases?

Concerned onlooker

Budget 2015: Osborne confirms ‘revolutionary’ move to scrap annual tax return

And so making a lot of accountants redundant………………


Industry calls for full regulation of letting agents – poll

It’s not just letting agents it’s ALL agents both estate and letting that should be regulated. They are the only part of the housing industry that isn’t and it’s high time the government put a stop to this ridiculous scenario and bought these people to book. It would also help the housing market as it would put an end to their more nefarious schemes to keep inflating prices, and would also be beneficial to borrowers, who would no longer be bullied with threats of losing the property, into using the vendor’s estate agents in-house mortgage broker, invariably ending up with a worse deal.

The Cynical Broker

Industry calls for full regulation of letting agents – poll

I have had an agent go into liquidation and has not paid a number of landlords back rent or deposits, what are our next steps?


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