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Know Your BDM: Sue Higginson, Cambridge and Counties Bank

  • 22/11/2018
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Know Your BDM: Sue Higginson, Cambridge and Counties Bank
This week Specialist Lending Solutions is talking to Sue Higginson, senior business development manager in the South East region for Cambridge & Counties Bank.


How many advisers and broker firms do you cover in your role?

More than 50.


How do you successfully organise and deal with business on a daily basis?

It always starts with a strong coffee and a “to do” list – I like coffee and lists.


What issues come up time and time again?

Given the area that I cover (East Anglia, London and the South East) the biggest issue that comes up over and over is the lack of rental income to cover the borrowers’ debt aspirations.


What do you wish brokers understood about your job?

To set a robust set of indicative terms, it’s always best to send as much information as possible.


What do you think is the most important attribute of a good BDM?

The ability to think on your feet, ask the important questions and juggle multiple things simultaneously.


When you’re unavailable to be contacted by telephone, what’s the second-best way for brokers to get in touch?

Email is always good – the little ditty that plays out of my phone every time I get a new message always catches my attention. Failing that I am ably supported by Aman and Millie who can be reached on 01223 311499.


If you were head of the FCA for the day, what would you change about regulation in the mortgage industry?

I understand the importance of making sure borrowers know the commitment they are entering into and that advisers properly advise but I do question the amount of paperwork that seems to be necessary to prove these points. I think that is where I would focus my attention.


What was your motivation for choosing business development as a career?

It would be a lie to say I had my sights on a career in business development from the outset, but after many years desk bound doing the same thing daily, meeting new people and shaping deals bespoke to them was very welcome.


How do you establish and maintain a good relationship with brokers?

I’m a strong believer in first impressions and always call new brokers to introduce myself, followed up with a meeting as appropriate. As we deal with the more niche end of the property market I always explain why a deal does or does not fit our appetite, to build a deeper understanding of what a deal for Cambridge & Counties Bank looks like.


And how do you establish and maintain good relationships internally?

As a home-based BDM, strong internal relationships are critical. I visit our Leicester head office regularly and ensure I meet the newest faces, keep up with the news and attend as many events as possible.


And finally, what did you want to be growing up?

When I was at primary school I wanted to be a long distance lorry driver, by sixth form it was an archaeologist but I ended up at Barclays Bank and never looked back.




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