ChaseBlue Loans integrates Nivo and OMS technologies

  • 20/10/2022
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ChaseBlue Loans integrates Nivo and OMS technologies
Specialist mortgage packager ChaseBlue Loans has integrated technology from Nivo and OMS to better detect fraudulent activity.

The firm, which handles second charge, commercial and bridging loans, now uses the ID verification, secure communication and document transfer systems provided by Nivo and OMS for its customer onboarding process. 

During the onboarding process, customers are sent a text message through the OMS CRM telling them to download the Nivo app. 

They then use the app to complete ID verification by taking a photo of approved identification such as a passport or driving licence. The photo is uploaded to Nivo’s system which uses biometric ID and voice recognition technology to confirm the customer’s identity. 

While this is happening, ChaseBlue Loans’ application system – which is powered by OMS – is updated to confirm that know your customer onboarding has been completed. This then allows for verified, instant messaging and document uploading through the Nivo app. 


An ongoing commitment to fighting fraud 

Ben Gillespie (pictured), managing director of Chaseblue Loans, said it wanted to ensure it was using industry-recognised technology to stop fraudulent activity from reaching its lender partners. 

He added: “We have close relationships with all our referred customers, and this places us in a perfect position to be able to identify fraudulent activity very early on and deal with it appropriately. 

“Fraud prevention is a key issue in financial services and initiatives such as this protects our business, our key business partners and the wider economy. This investment demonstrates our ongoing commitment to fighting fraud in the mortgage industry and never letting criminals gain the upper hand.” 

Mat Elliott, chief development officer and co-founder of Nivo, added: “Having witnessed first-hand the pressure on financial services needing to adapt to the demands of consumers in an increasingly-digitised world, my partner and I saw the need to create Nivo, our answer to enabling secure and speedy communication between finance industry providers and their customers.’  

“Incorporating Nivo’s technology within OMS was a significant development in OMS’ evolution.” 

Neal Jannels, managing director of OMS, said the incorporation of Nivo’s technology with OMS delivered a “unique advantage” to secure messaging and know your customer fraud prevention. 

Buster Tolfree, director of mortgages at United Trust Bank, which is one of the lenders that use Nivo, said: “The adoption of Nivo into Chaseblue’s process provides us great peace of mind that one of our key packaging firms is as passionate about fraud prevention as we are.  

“UTB has used Nivo for many years, and we depend on it to safeguard our mortgage business against fraudsters.” 

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