OSB Group celebrates anniversary of employee engagement networks

  • 07/05/2024
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OSB Group celebrates anniversary of employee engagement networks
OSB Group is commemorating the one-year anniversary of establishing its employee engagement networks, which focus on community, planet and diversity.

The internal teams, named Our Community, Our Planet and Our Diversity, have a total of 74 colleagues involved and are “instrumental in driving, supporting and delivering strategies in their key areas to help further embed the group’s ESG principles”.

The Our Community network aims to encourage participation in the two annual days of volunteering available to all employees and raise awareness of match funding and a good causes fund that allows colleagues to apply for funding towards their chosen community group and/or charity.

The Our Planet team looks to raise awareness of what colleagues do at home and at work to be more environmentally friendly, along with other environmental issues and optics.

The Our Diversity group is committed to ensuring an inclusive environment.

Victoria Tipper, senior test analyst at OSB Group and member of Our Planet network, said: “Being a part of the Our Planet community has been a real eye-opener, as we have been learning about how much we as an employee in the business and as a person outside of work are impacting our carbon footprint.

“We have been using this information to inspire our colleagues to take small steps to make more eco-friendly changes in their work and home life. I am really excited about the upcoming event we have created this year named ‘Second-hand September’, where we will be encouraging colleagues to recycle and try and buy second-hand where they can. This all helps with our business ESG goal of being operationally net zero by 2030.”

Neil Richardson, chief sustainability officer at OSB Group, said: “These employee engagement networks provide a collaborative approach to make sure the environments where we work and operate are inclusive, respectful of the environment and supports local communities.

“This also demonstrates further development by the group in embedding the importance of ESG in everything we do and brings our colleagues into the heart of the activities that will make a real difference. I am really looking forward to seeing what achievements the networks make throughout 2024.”

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