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‘Important for lenders to recognise the role of the broker’ – Star Letter 17/03/2023

  • 17/03/2023
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‘Important for lenders to recognise the role of the broker’ – Star Letter 17/03/2023
Each week Mortgage Solutions and its sister title, Specialist Lending Solutions, pick the top comments from our readers.

This week’s first comment is in response to HSBC hits 1,000 broker firm milestone

Paul Smulovitch said: “It’s so important for lenders to recognise the role of the broker and the value it adds to their profit compared to the work done purely via internal channels.

“It’s why it’s so frustrating when lenders work against brokers with offering different products internally or on product transfers as its short sighted and alienates brokers.”


Landlords selling up will improve rents and bring opportunity to FTBs

This week’s second comment comes from EPC C status is ‘not worth landlords bothering with’ – Star Letter 10/03/2023

Loke Weftie said: “I think this is a naive, short-termist view. Landlords being forced to sell up will mean that there will be more first-time buyers, which will alleviate the private rented sector, as there will be fewer potential homeowners who are renting.

“Fewer renters means that demand will drop which will reduce rents, so private renting might become more affordable.”

They continued: “Improving the energy efficiency of a property could also be seen as morally the right thing to do: reducing carbon emissions from a reduction in energy bills.

“Renters will most likely have a preference towards properties where they will be warm and won’t have to fork out for energy bills. Improving the energy efficiency will also help to improve the chance of capital growth, which is where the real income lies, rather than in monthly rent.”


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