Outsourced client care solves holiday season glitches in service, brand and revenue – Wilson 

by: Louise Wilson, head of finance at Moneypenny
  • 20/08/2021
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Outsourced client care solves holiday season glitches in service, brand and revenue – Wilson 
Burnout is real. Multiple lockdowns and the constant uncertainty of the pandemic, followed by a dramatic and sustained demand for mortgages, has left employees across the industry feeling stressed and overwhelmed.


The Mental Health Foundation reported that 42 per cent of people were experiencing anxiety about the pandemic in February 2021. Meanwhile, the Health and Safety Executive revealed that work-related stress, depression and anxiety had risen to account for 51 per cent of all work-related ill health in 2019-20. 

Your workforce doesn’t just deserve a break. They need one. With restrictions lifted, many are taking the opportunity for some well-deserved rest and relaxation. Well-rested employees are more focused and productive.

But is their time off having a short-term impact on your clients’ experience? And could that have a long-term impact on your reputation?

This is where outsourced client care solutions can help.


Flexible holiday cover

People’s approach to annual leave is one of many things to have changed during the pandemic.

Now, it’s not so easy to hop on a plane to warmer climes for a week or two during the holidays. People are taking shorter breaks at different times of the year. Or, they may be more likely to take time off at short notice.

As a result, it’s not so easy to plan holiday cover, which could leave customer service-shaped gaps in mortgage businesses.

Outsourced client care solutions, such as telephone answering or live chat support, can help to solve this issue. It can be scaled up or down depending on requirements, ensuring you’re prepared for all eventualities.


Confident customers

Outsourced services can support in protecting the brand that organisations have worked hard to build, as well as playing an important role in handling queries and capturing leads.

When holidays leave you light on resource, outsourced help lets in-house staff continue giving warm face-to-face customer service, while calls don’t ring out or go to voicemail.

If a client calls with a concern, but is unable to speak to the correct person, then leaving a message with a friendly, knowledgeable telephone-answering agent will give them confidence that their business is valued, protecting brand reputation.


Year-round revenue

Quiet months are unavoidable sometimes. However, if your bottom line dips because you are unable to handle incoming enquiries, you have a problem.

You could be missing out on valuable new business. If a prospect can’t speak to someone online, or by phone, on demand – in a competitive marketplace like mortgage broking – they’ll get scooped up by a rival.

August and December are all too commonly less profitable months. Your services are needed all year round. Ensuring you have a client communications solution in place during holiday seasons will let you grab all the business you can.

You’ll see benefits, from improved customer care to a stronger pipeline, and a rock solid reputation to a happier, more engaged workforce.

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