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Lifetime Connect to complete cross-Europe bike ride for charity

  • 27/03/2024
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Lifetime Connect to complete cross-Europe bike ride for charity
Dom Scott, managing director of Lifetime Connect, is set to embark on a 533km bike ride, including 6,710m climbing, from Italy to France to raise money for charity.

He will also be joined by Paul Merrigan, CEO, and Andrew Perryman, head of strategic partnerships at Lifetime Connect.

The Cycle Slam charity ride is part of a wider 12-year partnership Lifetime Group has with Dallaglio Rugbyworks, a charity set up by former England rugby captain and World Cup winner Lawrence Dallaglio to support young people.

The charity aims to help young people to develop life skills, reach their aspirations, improve their physical wellbeing and focus on mental wellbeing.

Scott (pictured) said: “We’ve been taking part [as a business] in this event for the last 12 years and this particular one is the last. The Lifetime team, championed by Paul Merrigan, are so proud of the c.£200,000 we’ve raised over this period.”

The total event runs from 13 to 25 April, going from Rome to Nice. The course is split up into two stages, with some people taking part in the whole ride and others completing a section.

The total ride is 1,166km long, including 14,630m climbing, and the first stage goes from Rome to Genova, while the second is from Genova to Nice.

Scott will be completing the second stage. Merrigan and Perryman will be completing both stages.

He said: “I’ve always been passionate about supporting young people, particularly from lower socioeconomic backgrounds, making sure they have resources to have a fair chance in life. Taking part in this charity ride is a great way to achieve that whilst also keeping fit.”

Lifetime Connect is aiming to raise £20,000 through this event.

The money will be used to fund programmes to support young people, create mentoring schemes and provide opportunities for them to network and develop their skills.

To train for the ride, Scott has completed a training bike ride every two weeks, which is a minimum of 100km. During the week, he undergoes strength and conditioning exercises, as well as additional daily 30km to 50km rides.

Scott said he wanted to make a “call to action” to encourage people to support through donations.

“If you like me, or if I’ve ever helped you in some way, donate. If you don’t like me, or I’ve been a pain in the backside, then definitely donate and you can contribute ironically to my own saddle soreness,” he added.

To donate, click here:

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