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LMS launches updates version of Secure Link technology

  • 28/11/2022
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LMS launches updates version of Secure Link technology
Conveyancing and panel management specialist LMS has brought out an enhanced version of its Secure Link technology.

The firm initially rolled out Secure Link – a messaging service to streamline the conveyancing process and improve case query turnaround times – last year.

It allows law firms to raise common post-offer queries with the lender and helps companies get quicker response and avoid delays.

The updated version will see an improvement in the post-offer query process, with Natwest the first lender to come on board.

The company said that the move was a demonstration of its commitment to “creating efficiencies and driving collaboration” in the conveyancing process.


LMS: ‘Secure Link improving turnaround times’

Nick Chadbourne, CEO of LMS said: “Secure Link was born out of a need to drive efficiencies in the conveyancing process to help lenders and law firms alike. It has had a big impact so far, improving turnaround times in the post offer query process and lightening the load of all stakeholders which is so important when they are under so much pressure.”

He added that the natural next step was to ensure the technology could answer questions regardless of how they were sent to the lender and make it easier to track communications.

Chadbourne continued: “To be launching with the Natwest Group is a true testament to the initial success of Secure Link and we are proud to see the platform grow and evolve to further improve the experience for conveyancers, lenders and their customers.”

Nigel Davey at Natwest Group said: “We have already seen a huge improvement in our turnaround times for post-offer queries thanks to LMS Secure Link, but we wanted to take this one step further to make sure we provided this enhanced service to all conveyancers or law firms regardless of how they got in touch with us.

“Not only does it mean we can provide quicker responses, something which is in demand, as shown by The Conveyancing Association’s research, but it also means we keep track of all communications in a much more streamlined way. It benefits everyone and the technology is a testament to LMS’ drive to create further efficiencies in the market.”

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