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Mortgage market review (mmr)

What do Del Boy and the CML have in common?

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Aug 2014

It was in 1989 - a time when the Berlin wall still stood, Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister, the first commercial service provider of a thing called the internet surfaced and Del Boy fell through the bar - that the Council of Mortgage Lenders was founded.


Exciting times for mortgage servicers - Nigel Turner

Mortgage servicing might not seem like an exciting topic to many people, but now is currently a very exciting time for those of us in the sector, not least for myself and my colleagues at HML.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Aug 2014

Brokers accuse FCA of lender bias

Brokers have called for FCA staff with more sector knowledge of the mortgage intermediary industry to stop undue lender influence on regulatory decisions.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Aug 2014

Other Mortgage market review (mmr) articles

Cap and certificate

CII launches advanced mortgage advice qualification

The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has created a certificate in advanced mortgage advice covering specialist lending for borrowers with complex needs and the implications of the Mortgage Market Review.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Aug 2014

July asking prices fall but Rightmove upbeat

The price of property coming to the market has taken its first dip this year falling by 0.8% in July, the Right Move House Price Index has showed.

Mortgage Solutions | 18 Aug 2014
Mark Carney

Bank of England warns of second slowdown in mortgage approvals

The mortgage market could be facing a second slowdown as borrowers constrained by affordability measures enforced by the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) take time out to rethink their property plans.

Mortgage Solutions | 13 Aug 2014

Finding a solution to the risky lending problem

Whenever I read the phrase ‘risky mortgages’ in the mainstream media my first reaction is to ask, ‘risky to who?’ Is it risky to the lender or the borrower? Or both?

Mortgage Solutions | 12 Aug 2014
London outline

London house prices expected to slow to 3% growth next year

London's house prices are set to suffer a dramatic slowdown in growth next year after racing away from all other regions in 2014, one property company has predicted.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Aug 2014

First-time buyers lead the way in lending growth

First-time buyer loans in June rose by 19% year-on-year to 28,600 transactions, data on lending trends from the Council of Mortgage Lenders has shown.

Mortgage Solutions | 11 Aug 2014

House sales recover by 10% in July - LSL

House sales across England and Wales rose by 10% in July to 90,000 as the market recovered from April's regulatory changes laid out in the Mortgage Market Review (MMR).

Mortgage Solutions | 08 Aug 2014

AMI and CML meet to discuss broker concerns on MMR - exclusive

The Association of Mortgage Intermediaries (AMI) has been in talks with the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) to feedback broker concerns over how the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) has been implemented.

Mortgage Solutions | 07 Aug 2014

Industry heavyweights predict 2014 gross lending - Marketwatch

The half year performance statements came thick and fast last week with some astonishing lending and profit figures.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Aug 2014

Leeds Building Society reports strong mortgage growth

Leeds Building Society has increased mortgage lending ‘significantly above market share’ in the first six months of the year, its interim results have shown.

Mortgage Solutions | 06 Aug 2014

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